Personnel Training, Continuing Training and Advanced Training

Personnel Training, Continuing Training and Advanced Training
Personnel Training, Continuing Training and Advanced Training
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One of the priority areas of activities of Rusatom Service JSC is training of operating personnel of foreign NPP, who take part in commissioning, operation and maintenance of NPP equipment and systems, as well as personnel who, after training, perform and ensure the process of training and maintaining the qualifications of the foreign customer's own personnel.

The purpose of operational personnel training is to provide them with the proper level of safety culture and competencies to perform commissioning and further NPP operation.

Personnel training shall be conducted taking into consideration the following:

  • requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Association of Nuclear Operators;
  • best practices of NPP operating personnel training in Russia and abroad;
  • level of nuclear infrastructure development in the country of the foreign customer;
  • requirements of the foreign customer.

Training of NPP operating personnel is performed ahead of the NPP construction schedule and is completed before the start of operation, maintenance and commissioning of NPP systems.

IAEA standards determine that personnel training has a direct impact on NPP safety
NG-T-2.8, 2021

Training is an important tool for achieving and maintaining the required level of competence of various categories of personnel at all nuclear facilities. High-quality and effective training (and certification) of personnel is necessary to achieve high standards of safety and efficiency of nuclear facilities

NS-G-2.8, 2005

The operating organization shall be staffed with competent managers and a sufficient number of qualified employees who are knowledgeable about the technical and administrative requirements for the safety of a nuclear power plant and who are interested in adopting and promoting a safety conscious attitude

Direction elements

Training of the Customer’s operating personnel of NPP construction
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • On-the-job training at the Reference NPP and customer's NPP
  • Pre-license training
  • Training in specialized organizations
  • Training documentation development
Equipping the training centers of foreign NPP
  • Technical Training Aids (simulators, including full-scale and analytical, models and stands)
  • Training documentation for independent use by a foreign customer
Technical and methodological support for training
  • Development of a training system for personnel of a foreign customer
  • Support for the activities of the psychophysiological examination laboratory
  • Support for the activities of the foreign customer's instructors
  • Ensuring the availability of technical training tools

Systematic approach to training

When training personnel of foreign NPP, Rusatom Service JSC, in accordance with IAEA recommendations (NG-T-2.8, TECDOC-1057 and TECDOC-1170), applies a systematic approach to training (SAT) adapted to the conditions of the NPP under construction (adapted SAT).

ADDITIONAL PHASE of the ADAPTED SAT applied in the conditions of NPP under construction
  • Development of work decomposition structure, quality assurance program, technical requirements for training documentation, job descriptions of NPP personnel job functions
  • Establishment of a joint training consultative commission
  • Determination of specific job tasks and/or competencies
  • Determination of knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform job duties
Development of learning objectives for technical and non-technical areas, shaping them into modules, courses and training programs
Development of training documentation for all integral courses determined during the "Design development" phase
Conducting training using the training materials prepared during the "Development" phase
  • Development of training effectiveness evaluation
  • Taking a decision on the need to make changes in the training process


Rooppur NPP
Akkuyu NPP
El Dabaa NPP


  • Vsevolod Vityazev
  • Training Projects Department Director
  • Area of responsibility: training of foreign NPP operating personnel
  • Aleksey Kulikov
  • Project Management Department Head
  • Area of responsibility: equipping training centers, technical and methodological support
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