About area and expert team

As part of the Robotics business line, our company focuses on design and manufacture of robotic systems and other unconventional equipment for enterprises of nuclear industry and beyond. We are ready to supply the implemented technical solutions of production processes in accordance with the customer's request.

The main areas of work include

Industrial robotic systems

Development and turnkey implementation of industrial robotic systems for operations.

Remote management systems

Development and implementation of robotic systems for remote management of radiation-hazardous facilities and diagnostics of infrastructural facilities.

Computer vision algorithms for systems

Development of computer vision algorithms for robotic systems, including the autonomous underwater submersibles.

Special-purpose lifting equipment design

Design and production of special-purpose hoisting equipment and other non-standard equipment for the nuclear industry.

Upgrade and automation of hydraulic presses

Performing radiation calculations of biological protection of equipment and building structures

Assistance and support of expert team

Our team is ready to assist you with your ideas and offer a wide range of process support services to ensure the most efficient use of robotics. We advise on the best solutions and technologies for efficient fulfillment of tasks, optimization of costs and reduction of production time. Our experts will show how the equipment operates, prepare it for launching, provide a full list of documentation and hold consultations on safe use of robotics for employees of the customer company.

Customer support 24/7 is an integral part of our work.

Our competitive advantages / goals

We offer a wide range of high quality services and constantly expand the geography of our projects. Our competitive advantages include:

In-house design office

for design of robotic systems and tooling

Own know-how of solutions

including computer vision algorithms and tracking systems

In-house production

for prompt implementation of any design solutions

Extensive partner network

with leading suppliers in the robotics market

Experience in developing complex equipment

for the nuclear industry

Expertise and experience

in developing key robotics technologies

Our solutions

RS creation

Our team is ready to develop and implement a robotics system on a turnkey basis according to customer needs.

Tooling fabrication

Our team's accumulated skills allow for the design of complex tooling.

RS upgrade

We are ready to improve the customer's robotic system characteristics and increase its efficiency.

After installation and commissioning, we provide consulting services to the customer's employees in order to ensure safe and comprehensive use of RS.
Our team is always available to provide a full range of maintenance services to make the best use of all RS capabilities.
Quality guarantees
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