Export Control

Export control (EC) is a range of measures to ensure administrative procedures for foreign economic activity (FEA) for a sensitive category of goods and technologies (as well as information, works, services, and intellectual deliverables) that can be used for weapons of mass destruction (WMD), its delivery, other types of weapons and military equipment, and organizing and/or performing terroristic attacks.

Rusatom Service holds the required competences for implementing export control services, which are defined by the following:
Successful experience in managing own foreign economic activity, confirmed by spotless results of the examination of Russian FSTEC in Central Federal District
Internal Export Control Program certified by FSTEC
Rusatom Service has export control specialists, certified by Russian FSTEC
Positive references on the export control services delivered from Russian and foreign customers
Mitigation of mistake and violation risks at obtaining authorization documents
Increased chances for obtaining relevant authorization document in a timely manner
Operational activity optimization at implementing foreign economic contracts
Fulfillment of commitments in foreign economic contracts
Important Information about the Industry Export Control
Export control procedures are essential in terms of foreign economic activity connected to the sensitive category of goods and services. “Sensitive” here describes the goods, information, works or services that can potentially be used for weapons of mass destruction, its delivery, and terroristic attacks.