Rusatom Service JSC discussed the issues on personnel training for the nuclear program of the Plurinational State of Bolivia

On October 28th, 2022, the meeting on personnel training for the nuclear program of the Plurinational State of Bolivia - the Joint Working Group of Human Resources Development took place online. The event involved the heads of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy of Bolivia, the Electricity and Nuclear Technology Supervision Authority (AETN) of Bolivia and the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN), as well as representatives of the State Corporation Rosatom, Rusatom Overseas JSC, GSPI JSC, Rusatom Service JSC, Rosatom Technical Academy, MEPhI University and Tomsk Polytechnic University.

The meeting participants noted the importance of a comprehensive elaboration of issues to expand and further deepen bilateral cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Plurinational State of Bolivia in the field of personnel training for the Bolivian nuclear industry for all categories of personnel, including key nuclear infrastructure organizations, training of students and specialists in Russia, development of inter-university cooperation.

The representatives of the Rosatom State Corporation Project Office for the Development of Education and International Cooperation presented to the Bolivian colleagues the Rosatom integrated approach to training personnel for partner countries, aimed both at the nuclear facility itself and the organizations of nuclear infrastructure and related industries.

Vera Tolcheeva, Head of the expert section for nuclear infrastructure (NI), spoke about the status of the development of the national NI within the Center for Nuclear Research and Technology construction project in Bolivia:

«Since 2018, a number of courses have been held in Russia and Bolivia in the areas of nuclear safety, emergency preparedness and response, radioactive waste transportation, inspection of nuclear materials and physical protection system establishment. About 100 representatives of key stakeholders of Bolivian nuclear infrastructure organizations took part in trainings and technical tours. The Russian side has developed documentation for the operating organization of the Center in various areas, including crisis communications, integrated management system, a comprehensive protection plan for the population and staff of the Center in case of emergency, etc.»

A number of industry initiatives are being implemented aimed at developing the human resources potential of young nuclear specialists, for example, a program of scholarships for foreign students of the MEPhI University to stimulate educational and research activities, develop project management skills when participating in nuclear infrastructure projects in partner countries of the Rosatom State Corporation. It is important to note that students, who participated in the program, after graduation, use the knowledge and competencies gained within the program in employment and work in industry organizations in homeland. In addition, since 2021, within the framework of the project «International cooperation in the field of nuclear education», an industry subproject is being implemented to facilitate the employment of foreign graduates of Russian nuclear universities to key organizations of the nuclear infrastructure of the partner countries of the Rosatom State Corporation.

The Bolivian side informed about its needs in the field of personnel training for nuclear organizations of the country, including areas for training managers and specialists, which could be potentially implemented by the Russian side. The parties agreed on further cooperation on the issue of personnel training.


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