Rusatom Service JSC nuclear infrastructure experts discussed issues of RW handling

On August 2-4, 2022, an international conference was held on the topic “The state and prospects for the development of infrastructure for the decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities, handling of radioactive and industrial waste, spent nuclear fuel in the CIS member states.” The conference was organized by TVEL JSC, the Base Organization of the CIS member states on the handling of spent nuclear fuel, radioactive waste and decommissioning of nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities.

The event was attended by representatives of the delegations from the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. On the Russian Federation side - representatives of the international, scientific and scientific and educational organizations, departments, operating units of Rosatom State Corporation and S&A.

During the plenary session, the participants highlighted issues related to the concept of the Integrated Program of the CIS member states to bring nuclear and radiation hazardous facilities to a safe state, aspects of priority projects and programs in the field of SNF and RW handling and the specifics of their implementation by the CIS member states.

On the Rusatom Service JSC side, Yuliya Cherevko made a presentation at the plenary session on the topic: “Aspects of the development of nuclear infrastructure for the safe RW and SNF handling and decommissioning,” in which she spoke about the company’s services to create and further improve sustainable nuclear infrastructure at the national level. The speaker talked about the key goals and objectives of the development of nuclear infrastructure in the framework of the safe RW and SNF handling and NRHF DC, among which are the development of a clear national policy and strategy in the field of RW and SNF handling, creation of funds, regulatory framework, human capacity and improvement of safety and leadership culture.

The developed NI, being an integral part of the safe RW and SNF handling and decommissioning, will ensure the safe implementation of the project. Rusatom Service JSC has developed a Program and plan for the development of national nuclear infrastructures of the CIS member states, which reflect the understanding that the development of national nuclear infrastructure requires collective decisions and joint work on the development of nuclear infrastructure in the territories of the CIS member states to ensure the safe and effective implementation of the national program for the peaceful use of nuclear technologies,” - noted Yuliya Cherevko in her report.

Further, in the framework of the meetings of expert groups on five relevant thematic areas, the participants discussed the development of proposals for the implementation of projects at SNF, RW facilities, the concept of the CIS member states, as well as promising areas for the development of technical solutions and technologies for RW handling and NRHF decommissioning. In this regard, the participants emphasized the increased importance of developing and introducing professional training and retraining programs, as well as issues of unification and harmonization of documents in the field of regulatory, legal and technical regulation of the CIS member states.

Based on the results of the thematic sections, a plenary session was held, at which the leaders of the expert groups made reports and summed up the conference.


Rusatom Service JSC is a member of the Electric Power division of Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides foreign VVER NPPs with a full range of services and supplies required for operation and repair and acts as integrator of activities related to training of all categories of employees, including operational and nuclear infrastructure personnel training, construction of training centers and their equipping, simulators supply and psychophysiological examination laboratories export.

The company is present in almost every country with operating VVER NPP outside Russia. Rusatom Service JSC holds leading market positions in Bulgaria and Armenia and acts as a general contractor for lifetime extension, planned preventive maintenance and VVER NPP equipment modernization.

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