Kazan Power Engineering University opens the first Simulation School of JSC ETC GET

On September the 1st Kazan (the Republic of Tatarstan) sees the opening of the first Simulation School of JSC ETC GET in the Kazan State Power Engineering University.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Rosatom State Corporation, Rusatom Service JSC, JSC ETC GET and KSEU presidentship.

Along with the opening of the Simulation School, September 1 was also marked by the commissioning of the analytical simulator for the VVER-1200 power unit, the hardware-software simulation complex manufactured by JSC ETC GET. The simulator was purchased by Kazan University with the grant under the Federal Program "Priority-2030" and will be used for training of students and advanced training of employees of nuclear and thermal power enterprises.

“Today, on September the 1st, we start a new academic year for students in all energy fields, including nuclear power," the rector of Kazan State Power Engineering University Edvard Abdullazyanov greeted the audience at the university's celebratory assembly.

“Kazan State Energy University is one of the key partner universities of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC, which is the operator of Russian nuclear power plants, and it is highly interested in training specialists capable of solving tasks of simulation of processes, main and auxiliary equipment of nuclear and thermal power plants. Upon the initiative and with involvement of the company, we are opening a Modeling School equipped with the software provided by JSC ETC GET. Use of the potential of the Simulator Training Center and the Modeling School will ensure a high level of the educational process, and enable the students and graduates of KSEU will to obtain skills of nuclear power plants operation, knowledge in design and engineering, and additional digital skills”.

Rosatom pays special attention to the personnel training and support of comprehensive development of young talents in various areas, including engineering and mathematics. In this context, it is especially valuable for us to know that Rosatom digital solutions are increasingly being used in educational institutions. By opening its first Modeling School in Kazan State Energy University, Engineering and Technical Center GET not only lays the foundation for the development of its network of engineering and mathematical schools, but also makes a significant contribution to the development of the domestic digital products in general”, noted Dmitry Fomichev, Director for Mathematical Modeling of Rosatom State Corporation.

"It is symbolic that our event is held today, on September the 1st, when the whole country solemnly celebrates Knowledge Day. “Today all roads lead to school, and the students of Kazan Power Engineering University are also led to the Modeling School”, emphasized Alexey Kovalevich, Managing Director of JSC ETC GET.

The Simulation School opens up new facets for the young generation of future engineers: they get a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge in the field of math modeling. The theory becomes practice. Students get access to modern technologies by learning on a unique simulation platform REPEAT, the result of fruitful work of JSC ETC GET team. REPEAT is a Russian product, effectively solving current problems of import substitution.

At the end of the event, all participants expressed confidence that the knowledge and talents of university students will be in demand, and wished them inspiration and energy on their way to new discoveries! Per aspera ad astra!


Rusatom Service JSC is a member of the Electric Power division of Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides foreign VVER NPP with a full range of services and supplies required for operation and repair and acts as integrator of activities related to training of all categories of employees, including operational and nuclear infrastructure personnel's training, construction of training centers and their equipping, simulators supply and psychophysiological examination laboratories’ export.

The company operates in almost every country with operating VVER NPPs outside Russia. On the markets of China, Bulgaria and Armenia, Rusatom Service is a leading general contractor for lifetime extension, implementation of scheduled maintenance and upgrade of equipment of VVER NPPs.

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