Russia-IAEA School tells about export control in terms of IAEA nuclear safeguards


On June 17, 2022, experts from the of Rusatom Service JSC Division for Foreign Economic Activities (FEA) Support and Distance Learning participated as business trainers and special guests in the Russia-IAEA School.

Maria Roskoshnaya and Timur Mukhanov delivered a lecture on "Export Control as Integral Part of IAEA Nuclear Safeguards System and Non-proliferation System. Case Studies of Transactions with Sensitive Goods and Technologies" and held a business game titled "Building a Strong National Export Control System (EC) in Compliance with International Requirements”.

During the game, participants were divided into two teams, the Regulatory Authority and the Research Center, to solve case studies. The tasks were related to alignment of the national export control system with international requirements, certification of personnel in the export control, and building of an internal export control program to built an enterprise’s business process. The participants and organizers of the School met the proposed interactive format with great interest. It enabled to explain the importance of building the EC process and to draw attention to the topical issues of development of this system in the IAEA member states.

The Russia-IAEAEA School of Nuclear Energy Management took place on June 13-17, 2022 in the Moscow branch of Rosatom Technical Academy. The event was aimed at sharing the knowledge on relevant topics with managers of nuclear power programs from 12 countries (Argentina, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Austria) to improve their managerial and leadership skills required to develop, expand, and manage national nuclear power programs.



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