REPEAT platform demo version release

JSC ETC GET continues to successfully implement its plan on introducing of REPEAT platform software to Russian market. Release of its demo version was the next step to achieve the goal. 

Release of the demo version marks the completion of the stage when a whole range of new simulation tools and their testing are included into the platform is successfully completed. JSC ETC GET meets its obligations to the Russian Information Technology Development Foundation (RITDF) within the framework of the grant obtained in 2021, and the release of REPEAT demo version confirms the successful implementation the project as a whole.

REPEAT is a model-based design and mathematical modeling environment, which is highly beneficial for design institutes, design bureaus and educational institutions. Users will be able to take a comprehensive approach to the issue of simulation: to develop simulators of power facilities/processes, create digital twins, increase the efficiency of power facilities, reduce the cost of production processes, downtime and incidents, conduct virtual tests of the designed equipment, systems, etc.

REPEAT platform is a product of Russian developers, which fully meets modern requirements for import substitution in the field of information technology and the creation of import-independent information environment in Russia.


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