Consulting services with the involvement of experts for the El Dabaa NPP

Consulting in the field of assessment and development of nuclear infrastructure within the project on the El Dabaa NPP construction.

Goal of project

Recommendations on the improvement of Egypt's NI in support of the El Dabaa NPP construction project based on the IAEA safety standards and Russian experience on the 21 elements of NI, assistance to the Egyptian Party within the IAEA assessment missions. Assistance in the development of regulatory documents and personnel training in the field of NI.

Results of project

Expert report on improving the infrastructure of management and regulation of nuclear energy in the Arab Republic of Egypt within the framework of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on cooperation in the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant in the Arab Republic of Egypt was prepared;

An inter-sectoral integrated work plan was prepared to assist the Egyptian Party in improving nuclear research with the involvement of relevant ministries and departments of the Russian Federation.

Consultations were provided and a technical tour for representatives of the Customer Party to Russian enterprises for the experience exchange in the field of radiation protection and emergency preparedness was organized.

Completed projects