2020 — 2023

Upgrade of neutron flux monitoring equipment (NFME) for Power Units No. 5 and 6

The project is a full cycle of works, including detailed design development by standards of Republic of Belarus, equipment manufacture and testing, supply, construction and mounting and pre- commissioning works performance at Kozloduy NPP site. Several both Russian and Bulgarian subcontracting organizations will be engaged at each project stage, which will allow to combine the Russian and Bulgarian experience and avoid possible difficulties during the project implementation. Chief Design Engineer of Kozloduy NPP reactor plants - OKB Gidropress JSC and scientific project supervisor - NRC Kurchatov Institute will be engaged in the project in order to agree the working and technical documentation on the project in view of importance and complexity of the facilities under upgrade.

Goal of project

NFME upgrade at Kozloduy NPP Units No. 5 and 6 is driven by safety requirements for NPP operation related to power ascension of Units No.5 and 6 reactor plants up to 104%, as well as requirements for improving accuracy, response time and reliability of the core state monitoring.

Results of project

Since the neutron flux monitoring equipment is highly important for NPP safety system, this project implementation can be considered a truly strategic goal both for the Kozloduy NPP and Rusatom Service JSC. Expected completion time for the whole set of works on NFME upgrade for Units No. 5 and 6 – July, 2023.

Completed projects