2019 — 2019

Measurement of reactors baffle actual geometry for Power Units No. 5 and 6

Conclusions and recommendations issued by Rosatom State Corporation specialists upon completion of
project on Kozloduy NPP Units No. 5 and 6 lifetime extension have triggered the project start. Upon
completion of calculations under the project, it has been recommended to measure actual geometry of
Kozloduy NPP Units No. 5 and 6 reactors baffles in order to specify its lifetime and define parameters of
baffle material free swelling and conditions to perform another calculation upon the measurement
results in order to justify possibility of their operation until additional lifetime expires. The project
includes not only works on reactors baffle measurement and preparation of design-basis justification
based on the obtained results on actual swelling, but also baffle measurement system manufacturing
and supply to Kozloduy NPP site.

Goal of project

Design-basis justification of possibility to extend lifetime of Kozloduy NPP Units No. 5 and 6 reactor plants baffles based on analysis of material free swelling parameters measurement.

Results of project

Preparatory (organizational) stage and stage of measurement system manufacturing and its supply to Kozloduy NPP site are completed at the moment. The system has been accepted and tested by the Customer and is available for measurements that will be performed in the fall of 2020 during planned preventive maintenance at Power Unit No. 6. The expected completion time for the whole set of works on reactors baffle actual geometry measurement for Power Units No. 5 and 6 – first quarter of 2022.

Completed projects