2013 — 2015

Upgrade of Kozloduy NPP Unit No. 6 generator equipment

Supply of new stator, reconstruction of TVV-1000-4 type generator rotor and reconstruction of BVD-
4600-1500 exciter to ensure operation at 1100МW. Works on exciter upgrade were successfully
completed during PPM-2014 in September-October 2014 at Unit No. 6. During PPM-2015 in May the
upgraded rotor of turbine generator was installed and put into operation at Power Unit No. 5 to allow
for the old rotor taking out for repair. In September-October 2015, the project was completed after
successful installation and commissioning of the new turbine generator stator at Power Unit No. 6,
which was witnessed by supervisory engineers of the manufacturing plant.

Goal of project

Turbine generator rotor was taken to St. Petersburg for repair, and in August 2014 all the equipment under the contract was delivered to the NPP site.

Results of project

In spite of the project complexity, its unique nature for the Kozloduy NPP and a number of unforeseen difficulties faced during the works, it was successfully implemented by both sides. Currently all the equipment is operating in accordance with its design characteristics. In the long run, the implemented upgrade will allow to increase the Unit power up to 104% of the rated one.

Completed projects