2016 — 2018

Nuclear infrastructure development in Bolivia

Nuclear infrastructure in Bolivia was assessed in 2016 according to the IAEA recommendations in order to reveal possible risks in construction project of Center for Nuclear Science and Technology in Bolivia. The assessment was followed by contract for nuclear infrastructure development in Bolivia, concluded in 2018.

Goal of project

The workshops goal is to shape a comprehensive understanding of nuclear safety system, importance of integrated cooperation at all levels, i.e. national, interdepartmental, organizations and structural subdivisions, as well as importance of safety culture development, in individuals who develop national program of nuclear technologies development in Bolivia.

Results of project

The partner country’s nuclear infrastructure is being developed in three ways: upgrading qualification of heads and specialist from key ministries, departments and organizations who make decisions on the country's nuclear program development; developing documentation for the operating company; providing consultancy services for 19 areas of nuclear infrastructure.

Completed projects