Development of Nuclear Infrastructure in the Plurinational State of Bolivia

Range of services (training courses, documentation development, consulting) within the development of the national nuclear infrastructure of Bolivia.

Goal of project

Ensuring the readiness of the operating organization (ABEN) and other ministries and departments involved in the development of Bolivia's national nuclear program to license and operate the Center's facilities in accordance with the deficits identified as part of the 2016 nuclear infrastructure assessment.

Results of project

Training courses were conducted for 81 representatives of key ministries and departments of Bolivia involved in the implementation of the Center for Nuclear Research and Technology project in Russia and Bolivia. Key documents were developed. For instance, «Nuclear Safety of Research Reactors» 

  • «Fundamentals of safety assurance during the operation of the Center facilities (including the research reactor)»; 

  • «Integrated Management System for the Nuclear Program», «Transportation of Radioactive Materials»;

  •  «Fundamentals of Response to Accidents with Radiological Consequences» with practical training;

  • «Fundamentals of National Emergency Preparedness and Response with a technical tour and practical training»;

  • «Inspection of the Physical Protection Systems of Nuclear Materials and Nuclear Facilities with a technical tour to the test site (under the patronage of the IAEA)».

Crisis communication plan, List of national decommissioning requirements, Update on the Regulation on the Transportation of radioactive materials by road, rail, air and water transport and Guidelines for ensuring safety and hygiene in irradiation of agricultural and food products and products nutrition.

Key documents in the field of an integrated management system, protection and public awareness in the event of accidents with radiological consequences, the nuclear fuel cycle, as well as the development of a comprehensive document for the operating organization describing the goals, responsibilities and functions of the Operator and other documents are being implemented.

Completed projects