Automated RW Containers Moving System for SCERI JSC
2016 — 2016

Automated RW Containers Moving System for SCERI JSC

Goal of project

In 2016, AtomIntelMash LLC developed engineering documentation for the automated RW containers moving system, which comprises an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) and a control system. Using the lifting platform, the AGV installs/removes the NPC (non-return protective) container from the rack and moves the container along the set route between the process areas. The AGV movement can be controlled by an airborne automatic route tracking system, induction system or on the basis of machine vision. The AGV has a zero turning radius (pivot turn), as well as the ability to move in an arbitrary direction without turning the platform. The AGV operations are controlled automatically from the ACS upper level located in the operator’s room. Local control is provided.

The AGV solved the problem of remote and automatic movement of ten-ton RW containers in a limited space due to the highly maneuverable design - zero turning radius.

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