Technical Upgrading of “Supercompactor” Plant of FSUE “RADON”
2017 — 2018

Technical Upgrading of “Supercompactor” Plant of FSUE “RADON”

Goal of project

In 2017-2018, the technical upgrading of the “Supercompactor” plant was conducted consisting of the following tasks: modernization of the 2000 ton pressing machine - changeover from 100 liter to 200 liter RW barrels; development, manufacture and commissioning of a robotic complex allowing to carry out all installation operations remotely and in an automated mode. KUKA KR 600 industrial robot from the robotic complex was equipped with a special grip and a machine vision television camera. A special grip should reliably hold barrels up to 300 kg without deforming their body and machine vision should ensure accurate positioning of brick in the MPC (metal protective) container when stacking bricks in it. Also, machine vision should provide remote and operational measurement of the height of barrels and compressed bricks. A rack was arranged inside the installation box for intermediate accumulation of bricks, which allowed the robot to optimize MPC filling by height when stacking bricks in it. Video is available at Radon 
Thanks to the robotization of the pressing complex, it was possible to minimize the direct interaction of personnel with radioactive waste and reduce the volume of RW subject to final disposal.

Completed projects