Translation services



Services of a subsidiary of JSC "Rosatom Service" - JSC Atomtechexport (JSC ATEK).

The translation department of JSC "ATEK" is staffed by highly qualified specialists who use specialized software "Trados" in their work. This program allows you to ensure the highest possible quality of translations.

JSC Atomtechexport is the only company in the industry that provides translation services for external customers. In 2022, 25,081 pages of documentation were handed over to customers under contracts without comments.

What includes

JSC Atomtechexport may act as a single supplier in the contract. This feature allows the Customer to:

  • ensure compliance with the applicable standards and requirements in the field of translation, taking into account the international terminology in the field of nuclear energy of the IAEA, WANO and other international organizations in the relevant profile;
  • reduce the purchase time;
  • control the quality of the translation and deadlines;
  • ensure the openness of the process.

In addition, one of the important advantages of JSC Atomtehexport as a provider of translation services can be considered the following factors:

  • the ability for translators to consult promptly with technical specialists of ATEK JSC (translation agencies usually do not have this opportunity);
  • accumulation of documentation and translation in one company allows you to gain experience and improve quality, since the subject of translation is focused on the needs of the industry.


Пашевич Наталья Андреевна