Engineering and Technology Center GET celebrates its birthday

On July 5, 2020, Engineering and Technology Center GET celebrates 32 years since its establishment. Two years ago the company with more than 30 years of experience in the simulator production market was successfully integrated into Rosatom State Corporation under the management of Rusatom Service JSC in order to strengthen key industry competencies.

For JSC ETC GET people are the main value and asset: thanks to many years of experience of its talented specialists, the company demonstrates a unique expertise in the development of mathematical model simulators, digital twins, application software and simulators of various configurations.

The company plays an important role in the development of one of the new priority areas for the Corporation - digitization. We wish JSC ETC GET specialists inspiration and energy along the way!

We are proud that JSC ETC GET is actively expanding its horizons - the company’s projects cover both the nuclear industry and the thermal energy industry, and solutions are being developed for hydraulic power, oil and gas, transport and other promising sectors. JSC ETC GET always strives to be one step ahead and it does it!

We sincerely hope that the company will continue to aim at achieving global leadership by opening up new development opportunities for itself.

We wish JSC ETC GET prosperity and success and inexhaustible energy to its united team for many years ahead!


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Rusatom Service JSC holds leading market positions in China, Bulgaria and Armenia and acts as a general contractor for lifetime extension, planned preventive maintenance and VVER NPP equipment modernization.

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