IAEA held a session of the Nuclear Energy Management School of the Russian Federation for managers

On June 13, 2022, the 40th Russia-IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School started. The purpose of the event is to train nuclear energy programme managers on relevant topics to improve their management and leadership skills needed to develop, expand and manage national nuclear energy programmes.

The agenda of the event includes the formation of a national position, strategy of the nuclear fuel cycle, radioactive waste management, NPP decommissioning. The participants also discussed the economic aspects of the nuclear energy development, personnel planning and human resources development, the principles of nuclear safety, the creation of a regulatory and legal framework, the IAEA safeguards system, emergency preparedness and response, a culture of safety and leadership and stakeholder involvement. The meeting was attended by representatives of Azerbaijan, Egypt, Jordan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Laos, Tunisia, Armenia, Austria.

Within the framework of the School, the Deputy Director General for Nuclear Infrastructure of Rusatom Service JSC, Ph.D. Yuliya Chernyakhovskaya made a report on the topic: “Challenges exposure in nuclear infrastructure domain: mitigation and prevention tools”. The speaker spoke about the relationship between the reference project for the use of atomic energy and the target model of nuclear infrastructure, depending on the selected technology and goals of the project, as well as tools for mitigating and preventing risks and shortages. 

“When licensing and implementing the international NPP project in accordance with the requirements, there are issues of identification, distribution and monitoring of compliance with the requirements throughout the supplier chain and throughout the life cycle of the nuclear facility. This is often accompanied by verification of rules and standards to substantiate the achievement of the required level of safety by the technology exporter”. The report also presents world experience in various schemes of international cooperation in the operation and ownership of NPP, as well as in the cooperation of regulatory bodies in relation to the schedule and content of the NPP project. All listed measures contribute to withholding the budget of the NPP project and maintaining its schedule.  

“The aircraft cannot fly on one wing, so it is important to provide comprehensive assistance to the country - the recipient of the project - in the nuclear infrastructure of management and regulation. Rusatom Service provides such assistance to the partner countries of Rosatom State Corporation as the secretariat of the agreement with the “soft coordination” mechanism with the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor)”, Yuliya Chernyakhovskaya said in a report.


Rusatom Service JSC is part of the Electric Power Division of the Rosatom State Corporation. The company provides a full range of services and supplies to foreign VVER NPP required for operation and repair and acts as integrator of activities related to training of all personnel categories, including operational and nuclear infrastructure personnel's training, construction of training centers and their equipping, simulators supply and psychophysiological examination laboratories export. The company is present in almost all countries with operating VVER NPP outside Russia.

Rusatom Service JSC holds leading positions in the markets of China, Bulgaria and Armenia and acts as a general contractor of works for lifetime extension, implementation of scheduled preventive maintenance and upgrading the equipment at VVER NPP. - integrator for all-category staff training.

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