Small <span>hydropower</span>

Small hydropower
Available water power

"Small hydropower" field is one of the priorities for development according to Rusatom Service JSC Vision 2030. The main task of this area is to create generating capacities in small hydropower by organic growth (implementation of BOO - Build Own Operate projects) and inorganic growth (implementation of M&A projects on purchase of operating plants) in the Russian Federation and abroad. In parallel with these tasks, our company plans to continue implementing simple projects on equipment supply and services delivery, as well as complex projects up to turnkey construction of hydroelectric power plants.

Stream #1
Stream #1 Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Acquisition of small hydro power plants with the installed capacity of up to 100 MW and a unit capacity of up to 30 MW.

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Stream #2
Stream #2 Build, own and operate (BOO)

Construction of small HPPs with installed capacity up to 30 MW, owning and operating

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Stream #3
Stream #3 EPC (+F) and equipment supplies, delivery of services

Development of feasibility study, design and delivery of hydraulic units and auxiliaries of any capacity. Implementation of turnkey projects for plants up to 30 MW.

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Goals 2030.

100+ MW
Installed capacity of SHPP 100+ MW
Annual revenue $30M+/year

SHPP calculator

Initial data
Type of plant
Type of turbine
Use of inductor generator
Annual generation
Construction period
Cost of SHPP
Specific capex (per 1 Kw)
Revenue per year
Simple payback period
Type of plant
Version of layout of SHPP buildings and structures depending on the head. Barrage – for low head, SHPP next to the dam. Diversion – for high head, SHPP building is located at a considerable distance from the water intake, water is supplied to hydroelectric units via diversion channels.
Type of turbine
Hydroturbine – the main equipment of SHPP, which converts water mechanical energy into rotational energy for further power generation in the generator. The following hydraulic turbines are usually used for SHPP. Kaplan is an axial, rotary-blade hydraulic turbine for low head. Francis is a radial-axis hydraulic turbine for wide head ranges. Pelton is a pelton type hydraulic turbine for high head.
Use of inductor generator
An innovative solution for HPP, providing a number of additional advantages for hydraulic power equipment in terms of efficiency and reliability.
Installed capacity, namely – MHPP active electrical capacity, which it is possible to get at the generator outlets at rated operation mode of all MHPP equipment.
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Annual generation
SHPP electric power generation output per 1 year.
Заполните исходные данные million kWh
Construction period
Total period of design, construction, manufacture and installation of equipment from the date of the project start.
Заполните исходные данные year
Cost of SHPP
Planned amount of all costs for project implementation.
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Specific capex (per 1 Kw)
A unified value for evaluating investment projects in the electric power industry. This is a ratio of the SHPP total cost (i.e., capital costs) to the SHPP installed capacity.
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Annual revenue
Generated electricity sales revenue per 1 year.
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Payback period
Simple payback period Period during which the company`s net income equals the amount of investment.
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Segozersk SHPP
Segozersk SHPP
Cascade hydro power plants in Bulgaria
Cascade hydro power plants in Bulgaria


For customers and partners

Rusatom Service JSC criteria for participation in projects


Projects for supply of equipment and services

  • Francis, Pelton, Kaplan (including capsule turbines) with capacity from 0.1 MW to 30 MW
  • Synchronous and asynchronous generators with capacity from 0.1 MW to 30 MW
  • Automatic hydraulic turbine control system
  • Electrical equipment (output of AC and DC power)
  • Hydromechanical equipment
  • Training simulators for operating personnel
  • Development of design documentation for equipment
  • Installation supervision
  • Construction and installation (plants up to 30 MW)
  • Startup and Commissioning

M&A projects for acquisition of operating hydroelectric power plants

Required parameters for asset
  • Plant installed capacity
    No more than 100 MW
  • Facility installed capacity
    No more than 30 MW
  • ICUF
    No less than 40%
  • State of the hydraulic structures (dam)
    Accident-free Age of structures no more than 30 years
  • Discounted payback period
    No more than 10 years
  • Amount of investment (bill)
    No more than EBITDA x7
  • Power purchase agreement or equivalent
    Operating. At least 10 h
  • Ownership structure
    The asset is consolidated in one legal entity
  • Licenses and permits
    Operating. In a required number
  • Amount of disposable interest
    From 50%+1 to 100% - preferably. Less than that - if there is a prospect of increased stake in the future
  • Documents confirming the operation parameters

BOO projects of new hydroelectric power plants construction

Minimum parameters required for the asset
  • Feasibility study or design documentation
    Developed. No older than 3 years
  • Planned plant capacity
    No more than 30 MW
  • Planned facility capacity
    No more than 30 MW
  • Planned ICUF
    No less than 40%
  • Planned rate
    No less than $0.07 per kW
  • Planned CAPEX
    No less than $1,500 per kW
  • Planned IRR for the project
    No less than 16% - desirable. Lower IRR is possible if other criteria of the investment project coincide
  • Discounted payback period
    No more than 10 years
  • Power purchase agreement
    Obtained or possible to obtain prior to the deal. No less than 15 years
  • Permits for construction and land rights
    Obtained or obtainable before the deal.
  • Partnership
    Potential participation in BOO project together with partner
HPP project selection data sheet



  • Dmitry Rodionov
  • Project Manager
  • Scope of responsibility: M&A projects, supply of equipment and rendering of services
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